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Hazelnut catkins

Hazelnut catkins, in January

Corylus Farms presses oil from roasted Oregon hazelnuts, with nothing added. Our clear, fragrant, golden oil, like the finest extra-virgin olive oil, is exquisite for finishing dishes. You’ll want to try it on salads, roasted and boiled potatoes and other root vegetables, soft-boiled eggs, and grilled and roasted meats. Corylus Farms hazelnut oil makes the world’s tastiest aioli as well, and a delectable dip for bread. Rich in alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), this pure, unrefined oil is also good for your health.

A byproduct of our oil pressing is our hazelnut flour. Much lower in fat than other ground-hazelnut products, Corylus Farms hazelnut flour still retains the heavenly aroma of roasted hazelnuts. It gives a tender texture and rich flavor to cakes, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods, and it is especially valuable for gluten-free diets. It is also much higher in protein than grain flours.

ripening hazelnuts

Ripening hazelnuts, in July

For centuries, European families have taken their hazelnuts to huileries—oil mills—to be pressed into oil to be used in cooking year around. Today hazelnuts—or filberts, as Oregonians call them—are an American tradition, and we at Corylus Farms think that hazelnut oil and flour should be part of that tradition, too. We hope you’ll let us introduce them to your kitchen.

As we finish work on our factory, we anticipate starting sales in the fall of 2021. Please check this website for updates, or, for more information, contact me at robert@corylusfarms.com.

Robert Waterhouse
Founder and President, Corylus Farms